Alveley Primary School

Curriculum Rationale

At Alveley Primary School and Nursery we are a team. We believe that every child should enjoy their education and be happy, healthy and safe at school. We aim to nurture unique, resilient and reflective learners through a challenging and stimulating environment.

Through a creative curriculum children are equipped with the characteristics of effective learning and skills to acquire knowledge. They flourish in their academic, social, moral and spiritual development. We celebrate the culture and heritage of every child. We promote Christian principles alongside learning and celebrating the faiths of different religions. Alveley School, set in idyllic rural surroundings, encourages an appreciation of the natural world as a source of wonder and inspiration. Children take a leading role in maintaining and improving their environment, which is promoted through our outdoor woodland learning area.  We believe that effective partnerships between children, staff, parents, governors and the wider community are central to the success of our children. Our children respect themselves and others, understand their role in school and the world beyond.

Pupils are actively involved in making decisions through school council and pupil voice; leadership is encouraged through cross phase collaboration. We champion success in sport at all levels, giving a wide range of opportunity for our children to be involved in sport within the community.

Our school is a caring place where children and adults make valuable contributions and are inspired to think for themselves and feel confident to meet new challenges. It encompasses all learning styles and meets the needs of 21st Century learners. Our teaching fosters a lasting enjoyment of learning. At Alveley Primary School children are encouraged to develop into mature young adults, who uphold British Values and are prepared for an ever-changing world.

Our Curriculum Rationale

When designing our curriculum we took a number of key factors into consideration, these include:

  • The needs of our local area

  • Our attainment results

  • What our learners and families wanted

  • What was needed to support our learners to become effective contributors, responsible citizens, successful learners and confident individuals in England today

By the time our children move on to Secondary School we aim for them to have developed the following:

  • Resilience

  • Healthy Attitudes

  • A Growth Mindset

  • Confidence

  • Independence

  • Literacy and Numeracy skills

  • Secure in their use of technology

  • Good communication skills

  • Self-Awareness/Reflective

  • Social Skills – including good manners

  • Skills for life-long learning

  • Problem Solving

  • Critical thinking

  • Respect/empathy/tolerance

  • Strong moral values

  • The ability to adapt and cope with change

As a school community we reflect regularly on our curriculum and school aims to ensure we are supporting the development of these skills and qualities.

Welcome to Alveley Primary!

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