Alveley Primary School

Sensitive Issues


Child protection / Safeguarding

All schools have a clear responsibility placed on them by the Children Act 1989 and by guidance from the Department for Education (DfE) to safeguard the welfare of all their pupils. In doing so, schools are expected to consult with Social Services if they believe there is a possibility that a child may be suffering from abuse or neglect.

A referral to Social Services is not intended to be an accusation of any particular action or against any particular person. It is the reporting of concerns which have come to the school’s attention. This is accordance with Shropshire Child Protection Procedures.

The School has a Child Protection Policy  which is available  here for parents/carers to see.

The designated teacher for child Protection is PAul O'Malley. Also designated is Catherine Coleman.  All have received training for their roles which will be updated regularly. They will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns parents/carers may have about Child Protection Practice.

Sex education

Children learn about sex and relationships education as a part of science studies throughout the school. In Year 6 children will take part in more detailed human biology lessons and parents will be notified of this. Parents have the right to remove their children from sex education lessons if they wish. Please discuss any concerns with the Headteacher.

School nurse

Our school nurse is Gayle Fitzpatrick.  She comes into school regularly and is available to meet individually with children or parents.  Please make appointments through the school office or contact her directly on 01746 711953

Pupil absence

We believe it is vitally important that children attend school promptly and that absence is kept to an absolute minimum. There is a strong correlation between high attendance at school and excellent performance and progress. The school day begins promptly at 8.45am. If for exceptional reasons you need to request leave from school during term time please complete an application form available from the school office. If your child is unwell please telephone the school early in the day. All absence from school will be followed up.

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