Welcome to Alveley Primary School

Curriculum Ethos: 

At Alveley Primary School, our curriculum has been designed to provide experiences that build a rich understanding of key knowledge and skills for all pupils, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. These are achieved by engaging children and developing their curiosity through exploration, as well as developing their character and learning behaviours so that they become successful, lifelong learners.

Engagement, exploration and experiences:

Pupils are encouraged to be inquisitive learners. Opportunities are provided within the curriculum for problem solving and exploration through first-hand experiences.

Key knowledges and skills:

Our curriculum is sequential and logically organised to ensure layered learning, with key knowledge and skills revisited and built upon.

Positive learning behaviours:

Pupils are taught resilience and allowed to safely make mistakes and learn from them. Our curriculum gives opportunities for self and peer assessment to support pupils to become discerning, reflective learners. 


Pupils learn to communicate well with others, appreciate equality and diversity and prepare them for life in the modern world. Our curriculum encourages our pupils to understand their roles and responsibilities within local, national and global communities.


Details of individual subjects are listed below. Should you require additional information about our curriculum, please arrange to speak to Mr Marsh via the school office. 

Art and Design


Design and Technology




Modern Foreign Language


Physical Education

PSHE and RSE (including citizenship)


Religious Education